You Aren’t Just One Sign! (Astrology, Further Explained)

Many times in my life, I have come across people who profess and attempt to negate Astrology, under the assumption that it is simply generalized information, meant to resonate with anyone reading it because it is so ‘broad’.  What these individuals are not comprehending is that daily/weekly Sun Sign horoscopes are, first of all, not what Astrology is all about – and secondly, they are not understanding, integrating, or respecting that Astrology is one of the oldest spiritual sciences in our history.  It is an intricate study of the many facets that form the personality and subconscious of the current incarnation of a soul.  So, these naysayers are not understanding that there are many components to a chart, and therefore are ignorant to the fact that every person carries the energy of ALL signs and planets – not just their Sun Sign.  (The Sun Sign is the one most people are familiar with.  “I am a Scorpio” or “I am a Gemini” – etc., etc.)

Every natal (or “birth”) chart is different, and shows the placement of each planet, sign, house, and asteroid (if one includes the asteroids – which, honestly, one really should do as they continue their study of this sacred science!).  Each planet represents different aspects of the psyche, as do each sign and house!  These energies and themes tie into each other, as each house is associated with a sign, and each planet/asteroid is associated with the energies/themes of the signs they are related with.  Planets, actually, are the “rulers” of the signs themselves.  So, it all comes together quite beautifully!  And it’s how all the planets/asteroids interact with each other, and where they are placed that make each chart and blend of energies unique.  So, this is where the intricacies come into play.  This is where it gets interesting, and exciting!

Example of a Natal Chart

Example of a Natal Chart – Asteroids not included

Tying into that concept – the degree to which a sign or planet affects you on a personal level is determined by the specific alignments in your chart.  So, often times, people are actually ruled by signs that are not the one pertaining to their Sun Sign!  Which would, of course, explain why a Taurus could relate to a post meant for Sagittarius, and a Scorpio could resonate with a message meant for Virgo – or any other random combination of signs; because they may actually be ruled by that other sign, or may simply have significant alignments within that sign or the house it rules, which make those messages and themes resonate on a very deep level.

We are, all of us, carrying the full scope of energies within us.  We all contain, experience, manifest, and express the entire Zodiacal wheel, and the essences of all Celestial Bodies in our Solar System.

It’s just a matter of taking the time to actually understand what it all means.  Which, unfortunately, many people do not do.  They are either content to over-identify with only their Sun Sign – or content to go about their lives, denouncing the entire science as a whole, without ever actually knowing the truth of what it is.

(from the previously shown Natal Chart)

Ruling Order of Signs, Planets, Elements, and Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable Energies – From the Natal Chart shown previously

I hope that these things will change, and that more people will integrate the fact that Astrology is as valid a personality break-down as something like Carl Jung’s Cognitive Functions, or other sciences of the same nature.  In fact, it is potentially/arguably even MORE revealing!  And I say this as a devout student of Carl Jung’s personality archetypes.  Which are now being mass-consumed as the more commonly known (and distressingly mediocre, re-packaged) version, known as Myers-Briggs/MBTI.

(I actually have huge issues with the MBTI system because it took the intricate studies of Carl Jung, and re-packaged them into a very dumbed down system, comprised of superficial personality archetypes.  I plan to write about this, and the difference between the two systems, at some point in the future.)

Getting back to the point – which is Astrology – I hope you have walked away from this short article with an expanded understanding of what exactly is at play where this science is concerned.  I will be starting a short article series in the future, where I go through the planets, houses, and asteroids, and what they all mean in a chart.  It will include examples, of course!  😉

Many blessings, Dear Ones!

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