New Moon and Jupiter in Libra and Mars + Venus = 3

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New Moon In Libra

Movements of Mercury

Jupiter enters the scene

Mars + Venus = 3

Just after the solstice point where we experienced equal night and day. At the aftermath of a potent eclipse pair last moon cycle. We now are at a refreshing new opportunity to work together and explore our own balance.

October 2016 Astrology

Greetings from Bali! Amidst the 200 Hour Mystical Yoga Teacher Training here at the Yoga Barn. 20 women embarked on a journey towards self just the other day, led by myself and my dear friend Janani Ayni. These 20 beautiful souls have stepped up to their potential power, letting go of so much in their lives to be here now. Over the 21-day course we will shape-shift through the 4 directions under the guidance of the Peruvian medicine wheel. The teachings of the 4 directions will guide our way through 4 cycles of transformation. We let go of what no longer serve us and embrace our true gifts. We will connect deeply to our bodies, free our minds and see our soul’s calling, eventually we soar with spirit. Stay in tune with my FB page to stay up to date on our process.

October 2016 Astrology

During the new moon we had a letting go ceremony around the bon fire. Here, we wrote down what we were letting go of or grabbed items such as sticks or leaves that represented what we are releasing. We sang songs and prayed prayers. We shared poems and insights. There were some astrologic insights as well as we looked up to Mars in the archer and Saturn near the Scorpion. When we were fully relieved of what we released we then spoke into the fire and into our circle of sisters what we are manifesting, what we are bringing into the new cycle. A very powerful way to honor the last cycle and embody the new one.


If you haven’t done this for yourself I suggest doing your own ceremony. It’s time to co-create what you truly want in relation to the people in your life. What seeds did you plant at the new moon?


September 30th,

New Moon in Libra conjunct Jupiter

The new moon in Libra is the perfect time to plant seeds of conscious relating to one another. Libra is the archetypal energy of the partner, friend, alley, and also the diplomat. The one who seeks harmony and balance in all that they do, on the quest for conscious equal partnerships. The very meaning of Libra is justice, fairness and equality.


“The closer you are to someone, the more of a mirror they are”

October 2016 Astrology

Intimacy is an art form. To truly go deep with someone is to connect with who you are on an authentic level and then do the dance of relating that truth with another’s truth. Two whole opinions reach a third combined agreement.


Compatibility is always a hot topic in astrology. I get asked all the time “Who would be my most ideal partner?” “What kind of person should I be looking for?”… In my personal opinion when in a relationship, at least a romantic partnership, you are two whole souls on your individual paths, together. There is no twin flame or soul mate that completes you, rather those terms can be used for someone that stirs you up on your path, helps you find the dark spots and the places not looked at so that you may shine light, find balance and a more authentic truth of your own, on your own.

October 2016 Astrology

Compatibility rests on two main factors being in action. 1) Both individuals are doing their own individual work and 2) both parties are in full support of the others individual journey. With these two factors being in action, there is a potential to go a long way together, regardless of what signs they are. If either one of the two people stops doing either of these two things, the couple is no longer compatible, regardless of what signs they are. Two seemingly mismatched people can go a long way as partners. Perhaps a lifetime if they are dedicated to loving each other for who they are and who they are becoming, rather than who they want the other to be.

October 2016 Astrology

Conscious equal partnership can be quite a task. Though if love is there, perhaps there is an effortless effort working towards a harmonious outcome. Again and again, relationships are a death and rebirth. My Mentor Daniel Giamario says “relationship the yoga of today”. It’s quite a practice. Let this moon cycle bring to light what is needed for you to find the balance in your life, both with
yourself and others.

October 2016 Astrology


October 3rd

Moon conjunct Venus

The moon passes by Venus. This symbolizes the part of the Sumerian Venus story of Inanna where she enters the third gate on her ascent up from the underworld. This is the third moon conjunction since Venus was with the sun. The third gate represents the third chakra. The third chakra is the place of power and potential action. Manipura chakra is the glowing sun energy at your solar plexus. Now is the time to see where the feminine principal within you could step into action and embrace her power.


Venus and the moon are conjunct in the sign of Scorpio. This can bring juicy, passionate feminine action. This third chakra gate is about releasing power blocks and fulfilling power. Think of the goddess Kali. What are you bringing into action in regards to the feminine?

 October 2016 Astrology

Venus will pass through the scales constellation at this time. Likened to the Egyptian myth that the scales weigh the heart. As the story goes the heart is weighed with a feather at the time of death. In order for the soul to move onto heaven the heart needs to be “as light as a feather”. How will your feminine heart weigh out at this time?


October 7th

Mercury enters Libra

The messenger planet, mental Mercury chases after the sun into the sign of Libra. The message of Mercury is now has to do with the diplomatic quest for conscious relating. Now we will get the mental downloads it takes to find harmony and balance in all of our relations. Let’s work it all out. What comes to mind? How can we work together?

October 2016 Astrology


October 8th

Moon conjunct Mars

The moon passes by the bright red planet Mars. The divine masculine within us gets spotlighted on his quest. The vision quest masculine is well on his way of discovering new territory on what masculine energy is. This is the third moon conjunction since he set out on his latest journey. Just like Venus is in her third moon conjunction in her cycle… What is the relationship with the number three? Perhaps it is you plus me equals three (one opinion plus another opinion equals a third combined opinion). I know that’s not proper math but it is the math of conscious equal partnership, where both answers are valued together. A fully negotiated outcome is the sum.

October 2016 Astrology

Mars and Venus will be together in January. Now both in the night sky we will bear witness to the two dualities coming together over the next few months. Both of these planets on their third station along their individual journey. Mars will be seen going slowly over the western horizon this month through the sign of Capricorn, and the constellation of the archer. It’s time to take accurate aim on what’s real for you. What is solidifying in regards to your masculine energy?


October 10th

Jupiter enters the night sky

Now we can see the big jovial giant Jupiter in the night sky. Depending on where you are on the planet any day he will make an appearance in the early night sky just after sunset in the west. Jupiter is in the sign of Libra where he expands the Libra mysteries for this entire year. As Jupiter goes through one sign per year, he shines a spotlight on whatever sign he transits. Libra is the particular school we are attending at this time. With all of the other planetary energies in his presence right now this is quite a big start! Jupiter starts off with a big bang on amplifying our discovery of what conscious and caring relating is.


October 11th

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

The Libra mysteries are indeed at the forefront of this time. What comes to mind as Mercury passes by the giant Jupiter? How can you let go of a little of your own stance so that we can stand together in balance? The message is amplified. It’s probably the most obvious and simple answer.

October 2016 Astrology


October 12th

Moon occults Neptune

An occultation is when a planet crosses directly over another. This is what happens when we have an eclipse. Instead of the Sun, the moon is eclipsing or occulting Neptune. This is like a portal. The exact point of crossing paths amplifies Neptune. This is a super Neptune point. This is like a Neptunian eclipse!


The lunar energies are blocking out the light of Neptune. Neptune is the planet with fuzzy dreamy, spiritual energy. The moon shows us what’s not being looked at. There is something called “spiritual bypass” where we might just act like “its all good” and move on without fully feeling the human emotions that were brought up with any given experience. It’s important to fully go through each experience so that an authentic higher picture perspective is found. What haven’t you looked at in regards to your connection to spirit? What are your dreams that want to be brought out into the open from beneath the surface?

October 2016 Astrology



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