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September 1st, 2016

September's Astrology

New Moon

Solar Eclipse

Final Neptune Saturn Square

Jupiter enters Libra

Mercury Retrograde

September's Astrology

The first two weeks of September brings an enormous opportunity to work towards balance. There are several major alignments taking place including an out planet square and a rare gathering of planets with Mars and Venus. All of this inside an eclipse portal! Here we go examining the intricate details of this time period.

As we enter September we prepare the Masculine and feminine parts of ourselves. We blend in form and formless. We are then ready for the test of relationships. It’s through our own inner balance that we attract balanced relationships. It’s through a harmonious inner nature that we connect to a resonant outer world. Do the work and you will see, like a mirror, a healthy and harmonious reflection.

The sacred masculine Mars is now moving out of the triangle of love and lessons he has been learning from Saturn and the heart of the Scorpion constellation, the star Antares. He has been preparing his heart for the quest he is now on. The vision quest Masculine is on the Sagittarius journey.

September's Astrology

The divine feminine Venus has risen from the underworld and is now activating her sacral chakra. The moon moves into the place of her empowerment party with Jupiter and Mercury. This equips the sovereign queen with the teachings of the priestess Virgo.

September's Astrology

The energies of Saturn, the teacher of structure, authority, logic and reason mix with the forces of Neptune, the teacher of formless, fuzzy, dreaminess and the realm of all possibilities.

This prepares our inner polarities for the teachings Libra. Jupiter will enter Libra. We begin the journey towards balance and harmony in our relationships. We start the quest for conscious equal partnerships.

September's Astrology

How will you embrace the heart of your masculine truth and the sacredness of your feminine power? Use realness along with dreaminess and you have yourself the ingredients of a potent inner sacred marriage. Bring together your inner feminine and inner masculine. You then experience wholeness, contentment and a ceasing to need what you want in any one else because you already have it. Then my dear, who you attract, is not only a healthier reflection of what you have inside, they are like icing on your already sweet cake! Everyone is now off the hook of being something they are not! Relieved of the pressure. They are released from who you want them to be and they are loved for who they are. Libra wants to love and be loved in return.

Now go on sweet one, do your sacred duty with you whole heart. See you on the other side where there is no wrong doing to be done. Only love.

September's Astrology

August 30th

Mercury Retrograde

Wait! Back up. Before we get into all of these amazing September timings, we must first bring attention to the fact Mercury has gone retrograde!!! Now don’t worry it’s not a time to hide under rock but a time to become more creative with your thoughts. It’s not a linear function when the mental messenger planet goes in reverse. Being that it’s in the sign of Virgo it’s telling us to not overlook any important details. As all of this Virgo energy is activated with this new moon solar eclipse with the sun and Jupiter and Venus, Mercury has us backing up and checking we are in alignment with our sacred work and connecting our mind to the patterning in all things. Check your list twice at this time, but carry on with your sacred duties. Not like this guy:

September's Astrology

September 1st

New Moon Solar Eclipse

Ok now on to the event that starts off our month of September. A new moon eclipse of the sun! In the sign of Virgo, this is an annular eclipse. Which, like a total eclipse the moon will completely cross over the sun but due to our angle of vision on earth we will not see it that way. The only thing that will be seen is a ring of fire around the suns usual glow, and only if you are in Madagascar or somewhere in Africa! Though without being able to see it the energy is still felt just as intensely! All across the world we have all entered an eclipse portal!

The energy of the new moon is always a time to plant seeds, to make intentions and to set goals. Now with the eclipse is much more intense! The new moon in Virgo connects us to the archetype of the priestess or priest, the one who conducts ceremony out of their awareness of the cycles. To honor the sacred patterning, to bring spirit into matter to honor it, the one that is aligned with the elements. Virgo is mother Gaia herself. This new moon is a time to ground into for real all that we have learned over the past year with Jupiter in Virgo about these spiritually informed earthly topics.

September's Astrology

With the moon crossing directly over the sun we step into an eclipse portal until September 16th when we experience a lunar eclipse on the other side. The eclipse energy not only intensifies the new moon but also brings up the dark places, the shadows and the nooks and the places that we might not look at when shining our light like the sun. When the moon covers the sun it gives us an opportunity to look at what’s beneath the surface. What healing needs to take place so that we can fully devote to our sacred work? What is the last bit of residue, stuck energy, or resistance left over as you firmly set your intentions at this new moon eclipse?

Sun Square Saturn

This is always when Saturn has just gone retrograde or in this case has just gone direct. When the Sun squares Saturn at this point it is preparing us, shining a light on the fact that we are about to experience the final showdown of the Saturn and Neptune square. Read about this on September 10th.

September 2nd

Moon conjuncts Jupiter/Venus/Mercury

Today the moon travels into the area in which the three planets are congregating as if to see off Jupiter. The jovial giant Jupiter will soon be leaving the sign of Virgo in which he has spent the past year. This is the last bit of Virgo activation from Jupiter for 12 years! The moon brings an illumination to this collection of planets. Jupiter, Venus and mercury are now partying in the moonlight. We experience this as an intense last wave of Virgo energy. All the virgo mysteries are expanded like a grand finale at this time. The moon does not let us hide what’s inside. What is left to find that keeps you from devoting your time to what’s most sacred and special?

September 8th

Moon conjuncts Saturn

The moon now illuminates, prepares us for the Final Saturn Neptune square which is the highlight of our past year. The form vs. formless. The moon let’s us know what’s hidden so we can dig deep and get the most out of this dynamic that is about to come.

September 9th

Moon Conjuncts Mars

The moon now catches up with the masculine planet Mars. Mars has recently flied the scene he has been exploring and preparing for his hero’s quest in for the past 7 months! Mars now get’s spotted by the moon as the fresh new version of the masculine explores the sky terrain. What challenges will he face when seen at this time? What is the highest truth and meaning to the masculine part of you right now?

Jupiter enters Libra

After one year in Virgo, Jupiter enters Libra for the first time in 12 years! Jupiter is the year star. The largest planet in our solar system travels through one sign per year. Whichever sign Jupiter is in is the particular mystery school in which the collective is to explore for that year. From September 9th 2016 until October 11th 2017 humanity will study the Libra lessons.

September's Astrology

Libra is the archetype of the diplomat, good wife/husband, good partner, friend. Libra looks for balance and harmony in all that they do. Justice, fairness, equality is the meaning of Libra. For this year long period we seek harmony in all our relations. If you have any planets, angles or nodes in your personal birth chart: This is particularly personal to you! Jupiter will be expanding that part of you during this time. For the rest of us as well, we will all have a spotlight shined on our relationships.

September's Astrology

Let’s explore conscious relating! Let’s invoke the spirit of cooperation and diplomacy! How will we work together?

September 10th

Saturn Neptune Square

The final of three all in 2016. This was the main large astrological energy of 2016. We now get our final hit of the dynamic polarity of these two very different planetary energies.

Saturn teaches us through form, structure and stability. It contracts and supports.

Neptune teaches through ambiguity and dreams. Fuzziness, dreaminess and the realm of all possibilities are found from what Neptune shows us. Neptune is an antidote for clarity (or too much Saturn rigidness).

September's Astrology

They can balance each other out is what we’ve learned. At first the square between these two planets had us feeling a split, a pull in two directions. Form vs formless, tangible vs. intangible, proof and reason vs spiritual and felt but not seen. Now we see that Saturn can bring our Neptunian dreams into our daily real world reality. We can now see that Neptune provides a spiritual outlook and feeling of freedom while doing our daily tasks. These two energies need each other at this time. How else could we prepare ourselves for what is coming with Jupiter in Libra and other such alignments to come? This time is a big dose of duality and polarity needed to learn what it takes to bring ourselves into balance, which is the on;y way to have balanced relationships. We embrace these very important, though very challenging teaches. We are humbles in gratitude, and a bit of confusion and frustration, but ultimately are blessed with a stronger sense of what our center is. Self prevails.

September 12th

Retro Mercury conjuncts the sun

Mercury will enter into a metamorphosis. The mental messenger planet will enter the underworld for a short time. This is when Mercury is so close to sun you can’t see it and is transformed by the heat and light. The sun brings a new incarnation for the messenger planet. Shining a light on a whole new perspective, a new way to see the world. The new phase starts when Mercury goes direct on September 21st.

September 16th

Lunar Eclipse

We exit the eclipse portal at this time. More on this next newsletter. Enjoy the alignments. Bring them into your life and dance with them. Bring spirit into matter and honor it… See you on the other side!

September's Astrology

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September's Astrology


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