Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! September 16-30 Astrology Report

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! September 16-30 Astrology Report

Mercury And Pluto No Longer Retrograde

Venus Moves Into Scorpio

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! September 16-30 Astrology Report

Wow! What an intense journey with the current moon cycle! The eclipse from two weeks ago at the new moon until now: a full moon lunar eclipse! A few days later Mercury, the fastest moving planet will go direct. Pluto, the slowest moving planet will go direct a few days after that. Movement forward after the darkness is brought up by the eclipse. The light always prevails. It comes out after the dark. Just like the ceremonial holiday that has been celebrated the past 10 days here in Bali. Galungan and Kuningan is an event that happens every 210 days. The whole island does prayer to the ancestors and to honor the victory of good over evil, the dharma over adharma, the light over the dark. As we close the eclipse portal of the past two weeks, so too do the Balinese close the kuningan portal with prayer. Perhaps taking the teachings of the Balinese and honor this eclipse with prayers to the ancestors with gratitude. What is the good prevailing over evil in your life? What is the light prevailing over the dark at this full moon?

Salamat Kuningan from Bali!!!


September 16th

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The full moon is in the sign of Pisces bringing up emotions, dreams, spiritual downloads and an opportunity for divine union. The energy of Pisces helps us to develop compassion, caring and sensitivity through our practices. Think reiki, devotional music or painting. Channel emotions into the arts!

It’s time to go strong with our intentions. Time to manifest!!! We must now release what no longer serves us to lighten our load. Now we step into our brightest light!

To do this we need to incorporate our whole selves. The eclipse brings up the shadows. Physically, we see on the full moon the earth’s shadow, which represents our collective humanity shadow as well as our individual dark spots. We must look beneath the surface as we manifest our intentions.

So here we are at the brink of an expansive and deep experience!

Each eclipse is usually coupled by a second. When there is a solar eclipse, like two weeks ago, there is almost always a lunar eclipse like tonight! The window of time between two eclipses is like a cauldron of energy being stirred up. What’s in your pot being stirred up right now waiting to be tasted at the full moon? Put just the right ingredients in. All flavors are welcome during an eclipse. The light, the dark, all of it.

This eclipse is a minor eclipse so only a small part of the moon will covered and not visible in most places. However the energy is still strong. Also Chiron is nearby this full moon experience, which adds in its energy, teachings and ingredients. Chiron is the asteroid known as the wounded healer or the shamanic healer. It brings up the fracture points that need healing. With the energy of the artist healer archetype of Pisces with the shamanic healer archetype of Chiron it seems to be a time to heal ourselves as much as we can so that we can then heal others!

Choose your medicine. It’s time to heal. And as I’ve said before:

“You have to feel in order to heal, that’s the deal”.

The eclipse is at the south node so this has to do with healing the wounds of our past that keep us from our destiny. So release and receive. I believe, the more you let go of the more space you have to receive.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! September 16-30 Astrology Report


September 21st

Mercury goes direct

Mercury is no longer retrograde! I think I have been asked about Mercury retrograde over the past few weeks without the person being aware that it was currently retrograde than ever before. People not paying attention to the details which would happen when Mercury in Virgo goes backwards. Virgo is the most detail oriented sign and when backwards our mind might miss a few things. Becoming aware of this common occurrence called Mercury Retrograde can be quite helpful. So please pay attention to these newsletters to stay awake and informed. Waking up to Merc Retro is like listening to the song of the mind messages that is always playing. When retro it’s like the record is being brought back then forth like a Hip Hop DJ. Its just there is a pause in the beat for a moment, then it resumes with even more impact, energy and excitement. When you listen you can dance more in tune. So that’s the break. Feel the rhythm and move to the music. Mercury moves forward again in Virgo, the sign of details, sacred duty and noticing the patterns. This record scratch is a lesson to keep you on beat. Sometimes the record skips. Get with it and hit it. Right on time now.

Nah I’m sayin’?!… Word!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! September 16-30 Astrology Report

This forward movement begins a new cycle for the messenger planet. Mercury will embody the Virgo mysteries in a four-month journey. Giving us messages of what is sacred. Mercury vibrates the energy that attunes our thoughts with messages. The mind is not something to suppress but to be used as a tool for our soul’s evolution. The mental vibration of Virgo gives us brilliant and detailed clues on how to embody the elements. One message that might come in is:

I don’t serve the mind but the mind serves me.

Mercury is near the sun and the North Node. This mental messenger is giving is clues that align us to our destiny. Listen up and dance on.


September 22nd


Equinox is the time of year where the light and dark meet equally. The sun and moon come into balance two times per year. The day and night are equal time. Everywhere on the planet will experience an opportunity to bring into balance both parts of themselves. A time to merge the dualities and find wholeness. The light and the dark are equal.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! September 16-30 Astrology Report

The sun and moon at this point lowers the magnetic field on earth. The veil to the upper and lower worlds can be accessed more easily. A great day, a powerful day, for ceremony or journeywork! What will you bring into balance at this sacred time?


Mars at Galactic center

The red man Mars moves into the space in the sky known by the ancients as galactic center. Believed to be the center of our galaxy where soul’s come from and go to when done with life. Also known as the golden gate of the galaxy or Hunabku by the Mayans. This is located by where the archer constellation is pointing his arrow. Mars is conducting our attention to the center of source. What does it mean for you in regards to your masculine energy to aim for the center and shoot with accuracy?


September 23rd

Venus goes into Scorpio

The planet of the sacred feminine approaches some witchy times! Get ready for powerful shamanic feminine expression! The wild water energy of Scorpio is like a gushing, rushing river. At this point of the Venus journey she reclaims her sovereign self and self love by excavating any shadow pieces so they can be transformed. Bring it to the fire! Throw it in the river! Let it go and let it flow! How will your inner feminine claim her juicy and powerful emotional movement?


September 25th

Jupiter conjuncts the Sun

Only three days after the equinox Jupiter and the Sun come together. We expand how we relate to each other. The planet Jupiter amplifies whatever it touches and the Sun shines light and brings life to whatever it sees. The expander planet recently moved into Libra where it will spend the next year. Right at equinox time near the sun is a big way to make an entrance! The Sun with Jupiter expands the power of the equinox in ways we haven’t thought of yet. Jupiter spent the past year in Virgo and hasn’t been in Libra in twelve years! Now at the equinox it brings forth the new exploration. How can we bring this ceremonial experience into our relations? How can we work together to bring balance to our lives and the world?

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! September 16-30 Astrology Report


September 26th

Pluto goes direct

If you are currently in a Pluto cycle, this might feel like good news! Pluto is starting to move forward. There is movement forward. Though the slowest moving planet, Pluto, in the most consistent sign, Capricorn, there is movement forward. When a planet goes direct from retrograde there is a still point or a portal. There have been many other portals open recently and now Mercury and Pluto at a still point about to move forward… Ok so sort of a forward movement. This is called station direct the beginning of the end for those in a Pluto cycle. Pluto cycles are initiations that include death and rebirth, transformation and going through the dark to find a brighter light. Fitting for what has been brought up with the eclipse, equinox and all else. If you have a planet in your birth chart within 14-16 degrees of the Cardinal signs then this cycle is probably nearing an end. However, when the outer planetary transits are within one degree of our inner planets, that’s when the most intense experiences might happen! How will you integrate the transformational experience of this underworld initiation?


September 27th

Mars moves into Capricorn
It’s been a long time since Mars was in Capricorn. The red man has been in Sagittarius and Scorpio for the past eight months! He’s been taking his time to get to know the archer and scorpion. Now in Capricorn, he is ushering in a new chapter. This is phase two of the Mars cycle in Shamanic Astrology. Well on his quest for meaning and purpose. Mars is now at the solstice point near galactic center, the sacred cross in the sky for about a week. Look up in the early night sky to tune in. What will the challenges be for mars moving out on his own and becoming more responsible and practical?


September 30th

Jupiter and Moon conjunct

This conjunction will be near the star Zanaya, known by the ancients as the sacred prostitute in the constellation of the virgin priestess. For the first time in twelve years Jupiter is in Libra. The moon passes by to bring up the feelings and past lessons of what we have been through. The Libra mysteries will be a lesson or theme playing in the back ground for the next year. The mystery school of Libra is expanded. The lessons of conscious relating communicating and intimacy are brought forth. The moon welcomes this yearlong journey.


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