Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines First

In this day an age where there is a ‘pill for every ill’, it’s easy to overlook the power of natural medicines. The reality is, most of these pill’s synthesised chemicals can be found naturally in plants. Not all pills have a natural equivalent, but for the most common illnesses, you should try these 10 natural medicines first.

10. Honey & Lemon

Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines FirstWhen you have a cold or the flu, it”s important to drink a lot of fluids. Warm lemon tea with honey comes highly recommended, however, we rarely ask ourselves why. Most people just enjoy the taste and we observe that our body feels better. Lemon and honey are very rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is responsible for creating an instant response against toxic elements, boosting our immune system. Honey also lines the throat, assisting with sore / strep throat.

9. Peppermint Tea

Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines First

Upset stomach? Sometimes you may feel like you don’t want to leave the restroom! Although it’s a sensitive and uncomfortable subject, it’s not an unusual problem. Peppermint is a great natural digestive and when consumed with tea, it helps flush your whole system out.

8. Salt

Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines First

There are two types of cough. There are the dry types and productive types. When you have a dry cough you may also have a sore neck and be short of breath. In order to turn your dry cough into a productive type and heal faster, you should mix sea salt with water and gargle. When done regularly, you will find it removes mucus and soothes your throat more effectively than any lozenge. You can also try the old ‘salt in a sock’ remedy. Warm a sock filled with salt in the oven and place it on your chest.

7. Vinegar

Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines FirstIf you want lower your body temperature when you have a fever, you should try wine or apple-cider vinegar. Apple-cider Vinegar is believed to help lower cholesterol, assisting in the prevention of diabetes.

6. Chamomile

Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines FirstChamomile is very useful against anxiety. If there’s an important day ahead of you (exam, presentation, or any other important event that is stuck on you mind) chamomile can help you calm your nerves. It’s also an effective sleeping remedy. You also won’t experience any of the side effects associated with sleeping pills, such as drowsiness, headaches or fatigue.

5. Polenta

Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines First

If you have problems with blackheads or acne on your face or body, you should try polenta. If you want a natural scrub that will leave your skin clean and smooth you should exfoliate with polenta, it’s safe to use all over your body. You can apply it in its raw form or mix it with a lotion or cream.

4. Spinach

Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines First

Popeye was no joke! If you’re feeling exhausted, weak, dizzy or powerless, spinach is your answer. If you suffer from iron deficiencies (anaemia), spinach is a fantastic supplement as its loaded with iron. Spinach can be used in a raw salad or you can cook it with other vegetables.

3. Aloe Vera

Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines First

Aloe Vera is a natural remedy against many skin irritations, most notably sunburn. All you have to do is get an Aloe Vera leaf and tear it. From the leaf will start to flow a white substance, called Aloe Vera milk. Most cosmetics and creams use Aloe Vera for its wide variety of uses. An Aloe Vera leaf will keep in a refrigerator for about a week.

2. Oatmeal

Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines First

Oatmeal has been used for generations to reduce skin inflammation.  It can be used for chicken pox, poison ivy or eczema. It’s very easy to use, either you take a an oatmeal bath or you can make a poultice. You will need a cup of uncooked oatmeal, a cup of water, and stir until you get a paste like consistency. Then you can apply it directly to your skin where you have the irritation.

1. Nettle

Forget The Doctor – Try These 10 Natural Medicines First

The very common nettle has a large variety of health benefits. Nettle can be used for boosting immunity, pain relief caused by rheumatism, relief from bloating, supporting the break down of kidney stones, reducing hypertension, curing colds, destroying intestinal parasites, spleen & pancreas support and thyroid activity.

There are plenty of natural medicines that we can use instead of pills or syrups. Obviously, these natural medicines should be used for mild conditions. For serious or persistent illnesses or when in doubt, you should always consult a doctor or medical professional. Natural medicines are more effective as a preventative measure, than they are as a cure. Rest is your body’s best natural defence system.

Be healthy!

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