These 7 Chinese Medicines Will Make Your Stomach Churn…

The history of medicine is as old as humankind. There are various scriptures extolling the virtues of the ancient methods of healing. Naturally, they must have been very effective. The Chinese were the foremost in this field. Many of us still don’t know about Chinese methods of cure. The traditional Chinese medicine usually consisted of animal parts as opposed to the Indian Ayurvedic method where plants and herbs were the sources of medicine. Here’s 7 bizarre Chinese medicines that will make your stomach churn!

07: Urine

These 7 Chinese Medicines Will Make Your Stomach Churn... WTF !!

This is an age-old therapy still in use in China. The therapy envisages you to drink your own urine first thing in the morning. Modern medicine might scoff at this idea. However, the benefits of urine therapy are tremendous. In addition to improving the immunity system of the body, urine therapy has great anti ageing qualities too. Hence, you can find many Chinese living to ripe ages. This method of treatment is popular in India too, with the most famous practitioner of this therapy being the late former Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai. Morarji Desai lived to the age of 98 without suffering from any physical ailment.

06: Human Body Parts

These 7 Chinese Medicines Will Make Your Stomach Churn... WTF !!

The Traditional Chinese medicine system envisages the use of human body parts for treatment of various health problems. The human parts included the bones, fingernails, dandruff, earwax, human excreta as well as sweat and urine. They also used human placenta for preparing certain medicines to cure fertility and other impotence conditions. However, consumption of human placenta can be infectious. Nowadays, these methods are rare but at one point in time, they were quite common.

05: Ants

These 7 Chinese Medicines Will Make Your Stomach Churn... WTF !!

This method of treatment is still prevalent in China. As recently as 2001, there was an exhibition of this therapy in Hangzhou. They hosted a free live ant tasting ceremony. They invited experts from all parts of China as well as the world to experience the exhibition. Ants are rich in proteins and eating them live helps replenish our body’s protein levels. The Chinese also believe that ants have anti ageing properties. In fact, there are many ant farms in China growing ants for this specific purpose alone.

04: Sand

These 7 Chinese Medicines Will Make Your Stomach Churn... WTF !!

This method of treatment is still very popular in China. They call it the “Western Yusha therapy.” The idea of this treatment is to bury one’s body in sand until one begins to sweat. This is the perfect way to treat muscular and joint problems. This is in fact a combination of many therapies such as magnetic therapy, massage, and light therapy. You can practice this kind of treatment at local beaches too! However, it is always advisable to do so under proper medical supervision. This therapy is deemed very useful amongst children with weak limbs. The sand can help in strengthening the bones of the child. 

03: Animal Parts

These 7 Chinese Medicines Will Make Your Stomach Churn... WTF !!

China, as well as the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan use animal parts as medicine. The traditional Chinese methods of medicine envisage the use of various animal parts such as the antlers and penis of the deer, the penis of the tiger, dog etc, and the horn of the rhinoceros. The methods of treatment include the mixing of the blood from the antlers of the deer into herbal medicines. You can also see the use of deer musk in the treatment of virility problems. The Chinese believe that tiger penis can cure problems of impotence. The tiger brain has use for treatment of pimples as well a cure for laziness! The testes of the tiger can cure tuberculosis and upset stomachs. Similarly, the bear is also a very useful animal for the Chinese. They use bear bile to cure liver diseases and blood disorders. You can see many restaurants serving bear paw soups as a booster and aphrodisiac.

02: Frog Tubes

These 7 Chinese Medicines Will Make Your Stomach Churn... WTF !!

Frog tubes are used for women after childbirth, as well as during menopause for stabilizing their hormone levels. The traditional name for this medicine is “Hasma.” They prepare this medicine from the uterine tubes of the female frog. Once the fat dries up around the frog’s uterus, they remove it. The Chinese use this hamsa in sweet soups as a thickener. The Chinese believe that the hamsa has powers to detoxify and remove excess water from the body. They also use it to treat puffy and swollen faces. Frog soup was once a delicacy reserved for the kings. Today, one can find hasma in local restaurants. You can also purchase dried hamsa powder from local pharmacy stores as well!

01: Snake Blood

These 7 Chinese Medicines Will Make Your Stomach Churn... WTF !!

Snake blood and beer chaser? The Chinese drink snake blood with beer which reduces the sour taste of the blood. Snake blood supposedly has various medicinal properties. There are reports of people drinking snake blood as an inflammatory, post surgery healing, as well as reducing the risk of stroke. There are also reports of snake blood curing dreaded disease such as cancer. The Chinese believe that snake blood can also increase male potency!

These treatment methods may seem odd, old and outdated, but many of these treatments were commonplace for people living in ancient China. Some of these methods are still being used today. The use of tiger and bear products may have contributed to the endangerment of these animals. Many Governments have banned these methods of cure. However, they are still published in traditional Chinese medicine books.

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