Want To Start Living A Spiritual Life? 5 Things You Must Know…

5. Spiritual Life Is An Inner Experience

Want To Start Living A Spiritual Life? 5 Things You Must Know...

The Spiritual Life means you have to search for yourself from deep within. You need to cleanse your conscience and open you heart and mind. Awakening your conscience will allow you to live peacefully in the present moment. Finding yourself will vary with personal experiences. Some may need to soul search, travel, or situate themselves outside of their comfort zone, surrendering to greater external forces outside of their control. Most of all, it’s about emotions and realisation.

4. It’s About Self-Love

Want To Start Living A Spiritual Life? 5 Things You Must Know...

First things first, you need to love yourself. It’s not being selfish or arrogant. It makes it much easier for someone else to love you if they can see that you accept yourself for who you are. This involves accepting your flaws, your mistakes and embracing the wrong or bad decisions that you feel have held you back. Love is forgiveness and a spiritual life means filling your heart with these traits. You need to trust yourself and listen to your feelings, for you know them better than anyone else.

3. It’s Not A Fast Process

Want To Start Living A Spiritual Life? 5 Things You Must Know...

Starting to live a spiritual life means all sorts of transformations. Some can be hard, but nothing worthwhile is generally ever easy. Be like water, go with the flow. You have to change your way of thinking in order to become a better person. This is the only way you can truthfully live a spiritual life. This transformation is slow because it means a change in the way you think, act and feel. Nobody can tell you how to get through this process. This is a unique and personal path on which you have to walk alone. But you can start today by embracing change, complimenting others, forgiving, accepting responsibility and having gratitude.

2. Give Yourself Space

Want To Start Living A Spiritual Life? 5 Things You Must Know...

When you are going through the re-learning process, you will need more space for yourself. You need to get away from toxic influences which can slow down or doubt the process, yes, this includes people. You need space to reflect on yourself, in order to know what to change. This can only be done after a close intrinsic analysis of your heart and mind. You can discover the flaws and the strengths of your will and personality. During this process you can become more vulnerable and more sensitive. Don’t worry, the truth can hurt but you will come out the other side a stronger person.

1. Emptiness Is A Source For Creation

Want To Start Living A Spiritual Life? 5 Things You Must Know...

During your process of getting in touch with your inner spiritual self, you may feel empty, but this is normal. In order to spiritually re-train yourself, you need to empty your heart and mind which can leave you feeling empty. At first, the feeling of emptiness may confuse or scare you. Although it doesn’t feel nice, feelings of emptiness help the transformation process. After you relieve yourself from all the bad feelings and thoughts you previously held, you can fill your heart will love and peace. Embrace the creative destruction process.

Now that you know some basics for leading a spiritual life, it’s up to you to make the change. You should not walk this path thinking it will lead to money or power, because this isn’t a motive of spiritual living. However, living a spiritual life will give you greater influence, which in-turn may lead to successful ventures.

“It’s only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love.” – Bill Hicks

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