STOP Being A ROBOT! Here’s 7 Steps To Cleanse Your Spirituality

Occurrences around you could lead to a situation where you feel tired or sick. This negativity can make you feel like giving up and stopping everything. When this occurs, it might be time for you to undergo a spiritual cleansing. Spiritual cleansing allows you to remove the dense negative energy around you.  Here’s 7 steps to cleanse your spirituality.

7. Use The Sun To Recharge

STOP Being A ROBOT! Here's 7 Steps To Cleanse Your Spirituality

For spiritual cleansing, it’s important to use light to clean your energetic slate. The process entails taking a deep breath, then imagine you are in the midst of white light which is all around you. Imagine the white light going entirely through you, including your spirit, body and mind. Try sun gazing for 10-20 minutes – the results may surprise you.

6. Fill Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

STOP Being A ROBOT! Here's 7 Steps To Cleanse Your Spirituality

In this modern age, avoiding negativity is difficult as it’s all around us. Instead of being weighed down by these negativities, try to make a space between the negativities and yourself. Drop the newspaper, switch of the TV, stop watching, reading or listening to news and current affairs.  Instead, ensure your mind is filled with positive thoughts. You can listen to music that’s inspiring or read a book that’s uplifting, whilst ensuring that you are only surrounded with individuals who are positive. This will impact your wellbeing, energy and mood positively. Remove the toxic people, places, work, habits and chores in your life. You will vibrate on a whole new level which everyone will want a piece of.

5. Exercise

STOP Being A ROBOT! Here's 7 Steps To Cleanse Your Spirituality

Another way to cleanse yourself spiritually is to exercise, which obviously has a lot of physical benefits too. Get yourself sweating and your blood flowing by doing some exercise. The process of spiritual cleansing also involves cleansing your body. Exercise releases dopamine and allows you to sweat out toxins . It also helps you to de-stress, feel confident and sleep better. For greater impact, exercise in natural environments – gym’s are clinical.

4. Detoxification

STOP Being A ROBOT! Here's 7 Steps To Cleanse Your Spirituality

You should know the spirit, mind and body are all linked together. This If you are spiritually, mentally or emotionally feeling out of line, you should consider that it could be because of your physical body. Detoxification entails removing substances that are toxic from your bodily organs. You should regularly eat fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meals that are nourishing and healthy. You also must drink a lot of clean natural water so that you are properly hydrated. Herbal teas and tinctures are a great way to assist the detox process. You also should avoid all preservatices, addatives, sugar, caffeine and artifical flavours.

3. Meditation

STOP Being A ROBOT! Here's 7 Steps To Cleanse Your Spirituality

Meditation is a nice way that you can reset yourself energetically and cleanse yourself spiritually. Find a peaceful location and get into a comfortable position. Try to observe your mind and be conscious of your thoughts and feelings. You can subsequently try to clear any negativity on your mind and focus on the purely positive thoughts.

2. Space Cleansing

STOP Being A ROBOT! Here's 7 Steps To Cleanse Your Spirituality

Your spiritual, physical and mental state is regularly affected by your environment. That’s why spiritual cleansing requires your environment to be clean and warm with energy. Clean the whole house, wash dirty clothes, take out the trash, it all helps! Arrange your things properly and make sure that your environment is neat and de-cluttered. Ensure everywhere and everything is clean and in the right position. Once everything is cleaned up, your next challenge is to keep it this way! You can also clean your energy through essential oil diffusion, candle lighting, gemstone healing and burning incense or sage.

1. Be At One With Nature

STOP Being A ROBOT! Here's 7 Steps To Cleanse Your Spirituality

Nature is a very powerful element and has the ability to considerably lift and clean your energy. Nature is a powerful and quick way of vibration elevation and energy dissipation. Connecting to nature does not necessarily mean going to a unique place. You can always see the sky from virtually anywhere as well as plant, animal life and trees. Just going for a simple walk outside helps. Look at water bodies, listen to birds, hug a tree or perceive the nice aromas of flowers. If the weather is fierce, bring some nature inside – pick some flowers!

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