8 Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Pad Them Good Vibes

It’s time to give your crib a makeover. How about some positive energy, happiness and fulfilment? Here’s 8 Feng Shui tips to give your pad them good vibes.

8. Pimp Your Front Door

8 Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Pad Them Good Vibes

A strong front door invites opportunities to come into your house. It is recommended you have written in clear font the address and your name on the door. According to Feng Shui principles, a clear name and number on your front door will invite good luck and opportunities into your home. The entrance to your house represents the access gate for Chi (Feng Shui energy) to your home.

7. Remove Useless Stuff

8 Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Pad Them Good Vibes

It’s not healthy to keep old junky clutter in your house. If you have things that you do not use anymore, clothes that you do not wear anymore, donate them. It’s important that your workplace is clean and tidy. Clutter is said to prevent creativity and productivity. Also, if there are any broken items in your house that can’t be repaired, throw them away. It is hard letting go of things, but it’s essential you keep only worthy and functional things in your house.

6. Open Windows For Daylight / Moonlight & Fresh Air

8 Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Pad Them Good Vibes

You should open your windows daily. This helps provide fresh air into your home. Natural daylight is also essential to positive energy. It’s no secret that the Earth’s energy comes from the sun, it’s time you let it into your home. You will naturally feel more energized and productive when exposed to natural light. Dark rooms are associated with bad energy and can even lead to depression. A great way to improve the air quality inside your home is plants. Green plants provide your home with positive energy and purified air. Jade plants are often considered the  best.

5. Create Space

8 Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Pad Them Good Vibes

Crowded spaces can make you feel small, uncomfortable and they don’t permit positive energy to fill up the room. Positive energy will always be blocked by things. You should learn how to arrange items in your house according to Feng Shui principles. For example you should never place a chair with its back to a door because it is believed that it attracts unwanted guests. If you are looking for a personalized layout that best suits you, find out your Kua number and what it means for the design and layout of your home.

4. Do You Even Colour?

8 Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Pad Them Good Vibes

It’s considered that each colour has its own kind of energy. The colours you choose for your house should be balanced. If you want to paint your walls white, you should consider buying curtains in earth tone colours. Green plants will give even more balance to this frame.

Blue is considered relaxing but too much can bring depressive energy. You should not colour your ceiling with blue because it’s like you’re having water on top of your head and it may make you feel weak and powerless.

Red is great for spaces where you work or do activity, too much however can lead to anger.

Yellow brings joy and vitality but if used in too larger quantities it can make you feel uncertain and insecure. 

Green is the colour for recovery and healing, but too much can make you feel lazy.

Orange is a great colour for children as it’s associated with happiness and enthusiasm, but using too much will provoke hyperactivity and make you feel unrested.

3. Cleanse Your Furniture

8 Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Pad Them Good Vibes

Furniture encapsulates energy. If you had a bad time, you should consider cleansing your furniture. You can remove any bad energy stored in furniture by leaving it the sunlight for a few hours, or burning some sage around it. You should consider doing the same if you buy any vintage or second hand furniture. It’s better if you remove any previous energy before bringing them into your home.

2. Make Sure Your Floor Is On Point

8 Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Pad Them Good Vibes

Many people tend to ignore this issue, but when it comes to positive energy, a perfect floor is mandatory. If you have any tiles or pieces of flooring that are broken, you need to fix or replace them. These broken areas will attract negative energy. If repairing is not an option for you, consider covering it up carpet or a rug. .

1. Go Fish

8 Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Pad Them Good Vibes

Many are unaware that fish naturally relax and calm our spirits. It is believed that an aquarium or a bowl with flowing water is very healthy for the energies in your home. It reduces stress, negativity and attracts positive vibes. You should keep in mind the size of your aquarium. If it is too big, energies can turn against you. Placing a fish statue near you bed is also said to prevent bad luck.

Best of luck 🙂

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