The Jail You’re In!!! – How To Escape??

Ever hear that saying “Life is what you make it”? How do we experience life and freedom?? How to escape your comfort zone!!!

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We don’t make life, we live it! or do we?? Many a philosopher before have come to the conversation of quantum physics saying we are all just energy in motion through an infinite network of connections and your life is just a mixing point of energy’s that allow the material world to come into view. Yayyyy thanks for the tid-bit of info that disregards every input that my senses have ever received. How do we get from energy to matter without anyone noticing? Almost as if it was at the speed of light!! The answers are endless and at this stage impossible to prove. So where are we with these amazing assortment of theories about who and what we are, if your to busy paying your debts, raising your kids, and trying to enjoy the small increments of time allotted for yourself in this hectic modern world???? How do we bring it all home to allow us to use the knowledge of today, TODAY??

I want to share some information that the modern world doesn’t much listen to any more, simplicity, is in its self amazing, almost an act of god if one chooses to have one, to achieve things in the simplest possible way must be where our future takes us because why else have we excelled so far with science and technology if not to make things simpler through greater understanding?? Yet as we stumble through our darkness as a species we have in fact built the repertoire needed to lead us back to the light, through the greatest of complexities! but sure enough it leads to ourselves. “We are part of this universe; we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

What if all of the tools needed to succeed in life are in fact all available to us, if we just look? Many a religious person has spouted quotes from various deities, look within all resides ect, ect. What if its as simple as listening to your inner desires? What if its as simple as talking to your fears? asking them why they scare you? When your life takes a turn for the worse, ask yourself first if this could be a blessing in disguise??

You want to “Make Life”, go out and show it who’s boss! Take your fears to the cleaners give them a wash so you can see them clearly!! Take your desires to dinner and charm them in to showing you, that just as fear, they too are just part of the journey that is life, that they DON’T make up who you are!! I know this might seem insane to an arachnophobic, actually all the phobic’s might be finding this a little hard to swallow, but hey you guys are the ones missing out on life so at least open a little weee crack in that mind of yours to the idea that you are part of something bigger! The fears that we all have are a facade that we tell ourselves so that we can stay in our comfort zones, thats why they got the name!!

escape the comfort zone
Ok so plenty of heavy stuff, lets just chill, Story time. So a few years ago I had just finished my first ever self help seminar and my partner at the time surprises me on my 25th birthday with a tandem skydive!! At the time I was a person when it was all said and done was a bit fearful! I didn’t like rollercoasters, even the little ones. So I was far from thrilled at the announcement, being a tad drunk from the night before and fresh from my self help seminar I mustered up the courage to get in the car and head out. Once i was out at the venue the thoughts pouring in where relentless and I was certain that sooner or later I was going to have a breakdown and call the whole thing off, I think the me of just a few weeks prior would have!! None the less I got in the plane, flew to height watched my partner exit, got to the door, still fully expecting to just freek out, the next thing I know I am doing 200ks per hour towards the ground, HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE.

There have been a few points in my life I can look back on and see the fork in the road and the path that I took, That day was one of them. My life shifted focus so fast I could barley hold on, I became a professional skydiver rather quickly, today I have just under 1000 jumps. I sold my house, shut my business, and travelled the world, Fell in love, found spirituality and discovered a lot about who I might be, I escaped my comfort zone. One day can change everything, but the choice will always be your own, I got as lucky as it gets having a skydive bought for me, I highly recommend it for yourself and loved ones. The comfort zone is a prison, if we can all help each other out of it, we are on our way to the world that dreams are made of!!

Video – SA Skydiving

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