The Cost Of Time!!

TIME IS UP you are behind the deadline, you are chasing your way forward and you come to the illusive cross roads of failing a deadline or getting the job done correct! Do you know this feeling? The dread, at realising you are going to have to make a choice between good work or punctuality.


The world today must have something like this going on more then a few times a second, for it is becoming evident in every crevice of our beautiful planet. The sacrifice of quality for time.  Why? because the generation that preceded us believed (and rightly so, although no more) that time = money. In fact as far back as modern civilisation can take us we have done what was needed instead of what was right. They had a mirage of excuses, some of them you could say were legitimate. Non the less we find ourselves as the generation that have been lumped with the proverbial bill, as the world crumbles around us, financially, ecologically, socially, culturally and all the other “ally’s” that go with it.

Each persons creative ability is tied to passion, hence why people who are passionate about their work tend to be very successful. As  we can all appreciate when there is passion, there is enthusiasm, when we are enthusiastic about things in life we are a sponge for the knowledge of the topic and by extension the experience. This is how we have progressed as a species for generations, allowing us to stretch the limits of any topic until breaking point and then just as quickly we can move topic and find ourselves as equally enthralled. The knowledge and experience through us, goes into our culture and allows it to grow its understanding.

This process of cultural evolution is based around infatuation, research, understanding and change, this has been halted in the western world, without stamping out the artistic, creative, passionate nature of the human being directly, modern society has simply taken away the one thing that is needed for it to flourish!! TIME which remember is directly to proportionate to money in this cultures eyes. We have sold our creative side for the new shiny car, or the big TV or more to the reality of it, food on our table or a roof over our head. When time = money and you live in a fast moving economy, we don’t have time to allow our creative side to shine through as the light it is.

The process of cultural evolution could be the ideal way for a human to function, not only for our personal lives but also for the health of our loved ones, community, and the beauty that we all come from as nature itself, all that is our reality. To have the freedom to follow your passions endlessly will shower the world with passionate souls working their path. Creating the utopia that we all see in our future, reshaping the face of modern society to harmonise with nature.

Are you questioning the machine world we have created for ourselves? is it the best way we as a species can live? Who want to disconnect from the screen addiction and reconnect with culture and nature alike, to disconnect from time and rediscover the dreamer within, I urge you to reach out, the world is waiting for you. As I have freed myself from the bonds of the material society, Time has changed, the realty of having to do something has faded off into the distance and it is here that my creativity can flow.


Cooperate and Collaborate


The challenges we face in surviving a world where money is king can only be circumnavigated through cooperation and collaboration. The culture of a society is the network that this cooperation and collaboration flows through as we begin to bring our culture back into alignment with nature we will discover the friends we never met, the projects we hadn’t dreamed of yet and the family that has been with us for time immemorial. The authenticity of this shift will reach out culturally, reach out creatively and it will stretch the very fabric of reality through our passions!! The choice to reach out with this new creative evolution will lead you to a life of value.

I find myself a free man stumbling through modern society with a dream, that is shared right through the new age, to bring together the human spirit so that it can return the process of creative evolution to modern culture. So that we can stop cutting the corners that are costing us the world.


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